At the core of it all, Edrevel is a purpose-led and purpose-built digital technology.

We understand every institution is unique, whether make-up, scale, or goals. For this reason, a one-size-fits-all approach does not make the cut. With an empathetic understanding of who you are, Edrevel provides bespoke, tailor-made solutions that are curated just for you and your needs only. If you are looking for the best e-learning platform, Edrevel is your choice as a lot of our customers have rated us as the lms platform at the best price.

With this all-out compatibility and personalized solutions in place, you can trade confusion, unease, and distress for clarity, ease, and comfort.

Lms solutions

Edrevel solutions

K – 12

A lot of manual, time-consuming tasks get in the way of schools realizing life-changing work. Leverage Edrevel's top-of-the-line tech capabilities to automate these tasks and focalize creative energies on work that matters the most — teaching, learning, and reaching educational goals.

K - 12 solutions

Higher Education

Future draws closer in higher educational institutions. Hence, students have to unlock their full potential when they enter the workforce. Edrevel provides a stimulating environment for students to cultivate discipline, consistency, and self-service, giving them an obvious edge above all.

Higher education solutions

Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations

Given the break-neck speed of change, internal and external, your people have to constantly equip themselves with skill sets for your firm to stay on the cutting edge. Edrevel's technology handles all checkpoints of employee training, from delivery to tracking, to support individual as well as organizational learning goals.

Organization solutions

Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations

Governmental and non-governmental organizations have the unparalleled responsibility of both preparing their workforce to design and deliver services and familiarizing the common public with new initiatives and schemes. With a robust framework, Edrevel can help your organization achieve goals, yield professional development, preserve institutional knowledge, and close skills gaps.

Government solutions