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Edrevel Virtual Assistant

The Edrevel Virtual Assistant is an intelligent support tool for educators, addressing student queries related to the course content. Educators can easily activate or deactivate the virtual assistant with a single click, allowing the AI-based virtual assistant to actively monitor discussion boards for relevant questions and provide accurate responses. The assistant only engages when the queries align with the subject matter, enhancing its efficiency.

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Edrevel Grading Assist

Grading Assist is an AI powered virtual agent that automatically evaluates responses to written assignments and suggests a tentative grade for the task. While educators retain full control over the final grading decision, this functionality significantly streamlines the review process for lengthy written assignments. The Grading Assist can generate a model response for written assignments and the educators can proofread it for accuracy, thereby having full control over the review process.

Edrevel Code Review

Designed for tutors assigning coding tasks, our AI-based assistant assesses student-submitted code assignments, offering a comprehensive analysis of strengths and weaknesses based on coding style and complexity. This provides valuable insights into the student's coding proficiency.

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Edrevel Virtual Proctor

In situations where monitoring student tests is essential for identity verification and detecting suspicious activities, Edrevel Proctor proves invaluable. With proctoring enabled, the system utilizes the student's camera to observe test-taking behaviour, generating noteworthy events. Educators can then choose appropriate actions for these events, ensuring fair assessments and instilling confidence in the skills of their learners. Edrevel Virtual Proctor sets a new standard in Learning Management System Training, providing a robust solution for maintaining the integrity of assessments.


The dashboard, personalized to your role, gives a quick summary of the relevant information at a glance. Efficiently manage your academic endeavours with a comprehensive overview of your class schedule, teaching and learning activities, assignments, discussions, and more. Experience a streamlined and organized approach to education, Our Training Management System ensures a systematic and coherent teaching and learning environment. Stay on top of your coursework with easy access to your schedule, assignments, and engaging discussions, creating a seamless educational experience powered by AI-driven tools.

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Learning Materials

Effortlessly incorporate diverse syllabi such as Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), International Baccalaureate (IB), Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), etc. Seamlessly generate or import educational materials, allocate them to specific classes, and make schedules and due dates. Infuse vitality into your classes with captivating multimedia content, while monitoring usage. Cultivate a sense of ownership in learning by crafting self-paced courses, complete with prerequisites for course materials and assignments. Streamline the process of scheduling International Baccalaureate courses and managing education certificates effectively.


Design an assessment for your education course that includes a quiz, essay, discussion, or multimodal test, enabling learners to showcase their comprehension and identify any knowledge gaps. With the assistance of our Best LMS Management Systems for Training, streamline the grading process through auto-correction, saving valuable time in assessing student performance. Load your question bank with plenty of questions, and you will be able to create quizzes in minutes. The submissions will be evaluated automatically.

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Keep your schedule tightly organized, regularly checking your calendar for an overview of your agenda, day, week, and month schedule. Maximize productivity by staying on track, managing your class schedule effectively, prioritizing tasks, and incorporating well-deserved breaks into your routine. Our platform seamlessly integrates with the Best Learning Management Solutions for Training, ensuring an efficient educational experience. Empower your educators to set their office hours and learners to schedule one-on-one sessions to fit their schedules and improve personalized learning.

Video Conferencing

Seamlessly integrate instructors with video conference platforms to facilitate learning within the platform itself. Easily obtain crucial metrics regarding their usage!.

The platform is equipped with advanced AI features, such as an assistant in teaching, to seamlessly connect with students. Conduct real-time lessons, foster interactions, and create a collaborative learning environment.

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Evaluate assignments and offer constructive feedback to enhance students' learning, performance, confidence, and self-awareness. Provide grades and comments on assignments, offering line-by-line remarks on essay responses through annotations. Leverage the feedback mechanism in quizzes, written assignments, discussion boards, etc., to empower students learning.


Organize and timetable student learning discussions distinguishing them as either graded or non-graded within the platform. Encourage learners to actively engage in the learning process rather than passively absorbing information by leveraging the AI-driven features of the LMS. When enabled with Edrevel Virtual Assistant, your personalized AI-powered assistant can respond to questions automatically.

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Analytics and Reporting

Utilize the learning management system to generate reports, enabling instructors and administrators to monitor task compliance, track assignment completion status, assess overall performance, and verify payment fulfillment. The robust features of the learning management system facilitate the creation of comprehensive reports for efficient monitoring and management.

Administrators stay on the go


Facilitate a seamless fee payment experience for learners within the learning management system, ensuring zero effort on their part. Additionally, allow for the manual recording of payment entries, specifying whether they were made in cash or by check, on a case-by-case basis.

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Enhance lead generation and campaign success by leveraging the powerful features of the best Learning Management Software for training. Effectively communicate and deliver timely promotional messages through the aid of the Communication feature, ensuring a seamless and successful outreach strategy. When your leads are ready to enroll in your courses, they can be easily converted to learners directly from the platform.